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Clare Desai ~ Careers Coach


Careers Advice with Career for Me


For the past 9 years, I have worked in School and Colleges across Berkshire, providing Careers Coaching and Guidance to students from Year 8 through to Year 13.


The world is changing, and Careers Coaching and Advice needs to change with it. A strong sense of the Labour Market, combined with a solid knowledge of the changing and increasing opportunities available to students, is key in supporting students to achieve their goals.


Positive outcomes are achievable for all students through a combination of Careers Guidance and accessibility to Work Experience and Local Employers.

I am a current memeber of the Careers Development Institute (CDI)


In 2012 I obtained my QFC Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance (OCR) which certified me as a Fully Qualified Careers Adviser


In 2010 I completed my NVQ Level 4 in Learning, Development and Support Services for Young People and those who work with them


I completed my MSc in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Social Research in 2008 and based my Disseration on the 2003 DfES Green Paper Every Child Matters ("Why this child matters: A critical evaluation of the DfES 2003 Green Paper, 'Every Child Matters'")





Whether you want to be an artist, an engineer, a doctor or an author, start on a new venture or move up in your current sector.......


Careers Coaching and Advice can guide you through the initial steps to get you on the right route for you, into your dream Career



You are never too old to set another new goal or to dream a new dream ~ CS Lewis

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